QUALITY OVER QUANTITY?? (you the listener)

i would really like to know what you (those that give a ****  about my thoughts) have to say about these ideas I'm having. 

Ive been thinking about the state of music in 2014 and how I fit into in it. As it stands, i ve got  a few releases under my belt - bad ,good, meh , whatever,  I make music and that takes  up most of  time, energy and creativity. This is great because It's one of the things I know how to do , and mostly what I like to do. But...  Lately I have this feeling that regardless of how much energy I put into making a  full album it  feel more and more expendable at a quicker rate.The fact is that the most popular way to listen to music is via you tube and via streaming services like spotify  and pandora. The average music listener buys single tracks from i tunes rather then buying an album in its entirety.  Hundreds of records come out every week only to be forgotten 2 weeks later. To have staying power in peoples minds it seems like a musician must  put  out something substantial every 3 months or so! That seems nutso butso unless you happen to be J lo or j biebs or whatever or maybe thats fine if you have an army of songwriting monkeys . Personally; svengali is not for me.  Songwriting is a torture i like. 

 we have iPod shuffle brain.  I cant even remember the last time sat down and listened to a full album.

I m not complaining! i'm trying to be open and remain positive about all this ,see the bright sides. I don't want to be  a " way back when person"  Yawn...  I'm open to the future.  I just think there needs to be a more creative solution to how musicians can benefit from this whole new system. The day of the label and middle man is deteriorating  fast and there needs to be a new/different/better way for musicians to release their work.

 i ve been thinking a lot  about my next release and how I could go about the whole thing in a way that would be satisfying for me and anyone that cares about my music. Thankfully it is still very very very very early on in any kind of process and to be truthful  I'm on on hiatus from myself but I'm trying to think outside the box on this one. Early.

I would like to try something different. I would like to go slow , take my time and do things EXACTLY the way I want them. The way I want ! Not the way a label wants or the way some dingleberry who thinks He knows what will sell more records wants.
 I want to try something new for you (the listener) and me.

imagine this. 

say I make a record.
say I release 500 copies.
I mean 500 copies of vinyl .THATS ALL. no more no less. 
To give you an idea of what that means, an average pressing for me would be around 3,000- 10,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           These vinyl copies will each one be very very special and unique( what " very special" means- i don't know yet) perhaps it means hand silkscreened covers with hand written lyric sheets  included with one of a kind drawings or paintings (by moi ) Perhaps If the pressing plant lets me; different color runs within the 500 (no grody body horror stuff  though, woof)   If I put all my time and effort  and creativity into making these 500 records myself , each one unique,  would you (the listener) consider buying one for say around $50- $60 dollars each?? 
I know that may sound totally batshit  insane for a piece of vinyl-  HOWEVER!!!!  after the one run there would be no reissue . like never again.  Never , no more . Ever. No download code either. a digital release would come maybe 6 months later.  Around 50- 60 bucks  would have to be the retail price to  make putting out a record like this , even possible taking into consideration recording, production and distribution.

 if i was to do this  thing , i would have to start now , before i even have music. It would be an INSANE  undertaking with an insane amount of work for me... it could take more then a year for the artwork alone... 

now that taste of nostalgia that Ive tried to avoid... sigh...

as  a teenager , it meant everything to me  go to a record store and buy a record . i would go home and listen to the whole thing  from front to back over and over sometimes the same record for weeks. Vinyl was about full albums there was a reason why the songs were placed in a particular order ( something I obsess about on my own albums)  It was an experience, to hold it in  my hand,  it was tactile , an object, it was a piece of art. It was not easy to know what to buy, you were lucky if you had a cool older brother. There were also catalogues and there was always the option to go to shows. If you liked the band, you would then proceed to their merch table to buy the record directly from the band. It was nice for everyone and it made you ( the listener) feel special like you were in a cool dude club.

i want to do this thing. I'm trying to pump myself up( I may end up doing it anyway,  regardless of how dumb just because I like the idea, even if its a bad idea-  then if i end up with a closet full of cute  LPS so be it... If I  die I request to be buried with them. 

Its personal for me -I want it to be personal for you (the listener) 

I'm writing this on a megabus by the way because thats the kind of fancy glamour lady i am.