I was lucky enough once to take a class with him when I was 18  when i thought i wanted to be a filmmaker. His approach was fast and loose and he said there are no rules and no wrong way to make a movie. He said the best moments are usually accidents, he threw a camera in our hands gave us 100 bucks for costumes and said go.  Learn by doing!! This has rang true for me in every creative venture that I have ever taken on.   No one ever taught  me how to play instruments " properly" I never would have picked one up if someone had told me that there was a right and wrong way to play, or that i had to learn to read music before writing a song.  Now that I have returned to the world of filmmaking I want  to to remember what it was like to be 18 and be free from self judgement . George Kuchar was the first of the punks and he helped shape the person who makes things that I am.  up the punks.